Property Taxes in Brunswick County

Property Taxes in Brunswick County


One of the most pleasant experiences each year in Brunswick County is paying your property taxes. Surely, that would seem to be a ridiculous statement. But, a large number of buyers in this area move here from the northeast, NJ or NY or MA or CT, and we frequently hear them tell us of paying well over $1,000/mo, just for their taxes. That’s in addition to what the mortgage principle and interest might be.


Hence, the reason for the statement above. All properties in Brunswick County are re-assessed for tax purposes every four years. The latest re-assessment was completed in 2011. Technically, the tax assessed value is supposed to be equal to the market value of a property. Actually, it never is, because the market sets a property’s value and the market is constantly changing.


The REALLY good news is that taxes are low in comparison to almost anywhere you might be moving from.


Example: A home in Brunswick County, assessed for tax purposes at $400,000, would have an annual, yes that’s annual, Brunswick County tax bill of approximately $1,780.


Some properties are also located within city limits and the city imposes an additional tax.


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